Why Professional Tile Installation Is Necessary

If you’ve been researching tile flooring for your Long Island home, then you’re likely already aware of how great of an investment tile is for your home. Not only does tile increase the value of your home, but if you think you may sell in the future, it makes your home more desirable to potential buyers. Tile also lasts for years, and does well in high traffic areas or homes with young children and pets. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and overall a great choice for flooring in Long Island homes.

It’s common for homeowners to look for ways to save money when doing home improvement projects, especially if they’re handy. While DIY projects are great for the home, unless you’re confident you know how to install tile properly it’s best to leave this job to the professionals or you may end up with costly repairs and damage to your home in the years to come.

Why Do I Need Professional Tiling?

Get It Done Right the First Time

Having your tiling project done correctly the first time around will save you money and prevent damage. You definitely don’t want uneven tile in your home or mispositioned tile that doesn’t align properly. Furthermore, incorrectly installed tile, or using the wrong adhesive or sealant can cause water seeps through the floor and ruin framings, ceilings, and finished walls.

Get Better Quality for Your Budget

Another misconception is that installing tile yourself will save you money, when it often costs people more money in the long run and give you access to higher quality materials. Since professional tile installers have connections to manufacturers they’re able to get you high quality tiles and materials for your installation. The project will be well-planned and executed correctly which means you won’t need to waste any money going back and redoing the job or fixing mistakes.


Just like any other field, there are also specializations in tile installation. Tile installers often have specializations for example doing bathroom and kitchen renovations, installing specialty tiles such as ceramics, mosaic and natural stone and so on.


Having the appropriate certifications, licenses, experience, attention to details, and ability to complete the job correctly are all vital factors. This is what you will get from a professional tile installer and is an important reason to hire a professional.

Tile Flooring Installed Correctly in Your Long Island Home

At Titanium Grout Lines we make sure to offer all of the services and guidance needed to make your flooring project a complete success. We provide consultations for tile floor installation in homes in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Queens. Contact us today to learn more.